1. Nadide Camur

    So I’ve been meaning to leave a comment for a while but I keep forgetting it. I purchased this Epilator a few days after reading your post and i used it the same day it arrived. I’ve been using Epilator for a long time now but i have to admit that this is the most easiest, effortless, and amazing product out there so far! For me it is at least. My legs are smoother than ever! I was never able to get the short hair off of my skin and i hated the wait time because of that. This product is the bomb for getting those short ones. I really like the little features like rotating head and the light. Now i haven’t tried all the heads just yet but all the ones I’ve used so far, i am very pleased with my purchase. Thank you so much for recommending this product. It is definitely worth the money I paid for!

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