New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions


Happy New Year! We made it to 2016! It’s a new year, which means new year’s resolutions for all of us.  I have made my list and will share a few of them with you guys just to hold myself accountable this year.

First, and foremost, however, I must apologize for being MIA for the last three months. I did not mention this before, but I actually moved out of state in early November, and had to spend the whole month of October prepping and getting my old apartment ready to turn in to my landlord. Pretty much all of my belongings and equipment that I used for the blog, had been packed up. I also sold my furniture mid-month, so it was just a difficult time to dedicate to the blog. I spent November and December settling in to my new home (temporarily back with the parents, but most importantly near my family again), enjoying the holidays, registering vehicle and more. I decided that today was the perfect day to make my reappearance :) and let you all know that I am back and I have some resolutions to help keep me going this year.

Here are my resolutions for 2016:

Resolution #1:

I plan to enjoy my time with my family, after 10 years of being away from them.  Last year was full of major events, and this year will have no less with a nephew on the way.

Resolution #2:

I had a few people tell me that they would like to see some of my own “style” on the blog. Apparently, the outfits I have picked out for some of my blogs are not enough. It looks like I must humanize this blog further :)  I am still pretty much solo at taking my own pics, but I do have much more room to work with, and have made a few investments for the blog, so this is something I believe I can do, especially, with my makes, and some of my style blog posts. I am sure that my own style will come through soon.

Resolution #3:

There are a few things currently in the works, such as an e-book, and a few other business related plans, that I believe will be challenging, will force me to step out of my comfort zone, but will be fulfilling for me.  As much as I would like to list these publicly for the accountability, I have created a separate list for myself that I can check off as I go.  Hopefully, I will get started as soon as next week with the new business plans.

Resolution #4:

My last major resolution is to continue to improve and work hard at perfecting my skills in sewing and photography and will challenge myself to projects I have never made before (i.e. bras and lingerie), to become a well rounded seamstress and a pro at documenting those accomplishments. In addition, though I have vastly improved in graphic creations, this will be an area that I will continue to work hard to perfect.

So those are my top four resolutions for the year 2016.  Periodically, I will look back to make sure I accomplished what I said that I would, but I think this is a good way of making sure I get things done.  I believe 2016 will be an amazing year and I claim success and blessings for me and for those who also want to start the new year with a bang.

On a side note, if you hadn’t already noticed, there has been some changes to the categories to make it easier for you all to follow, as well as a change in the site logo, which I am very proud of.  Please, if you are new here, feel free to look around. If you are interested in learning how to care for your clothing, just check out the tab “Clothing Care 101” on the menu bar.

What about you all?  What are your New Year’s resolutions?


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